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Over the tail end of 2013, the UK received a series of the much awaited ‘Dirty Wars’, which cited some of the shocking revelations exposed by investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill and director Richard Rowley in their feature length documentary, ‘Dirty Wars’, as it screened at cinemas nationwide. Joined by a panel of experts in the […]

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                      In Malaysia, victims of trafficking are often treated like criminals. Analysts claim human trafficking is rife on every continent on the globe; present in almost every country and, according to the recent annual report of the US State Department onTrafficking in Persons (TIP), the situation […]

Source: Fair Observer

Ethnic tensions and xenophobia follow Burmese refugees across borders. Despite independence in 1948, Burma has been plagued by problems since the military junta took state control in 1962. Power struggles, conflict, occupation, resource extraction and ethnic tensions have all incited Burma’s displacement issue. While exact numbers are unknown, estimates are in the region of 1 […]

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A community pulling together and standing up against a growing ill and stamping their feet to say ‘no, not in my neighbourhood’; marching to make the rest of Croydon aware of just what has been creeping up around them. That’s what CCAT did on Saturday 28th September 2013 and just to make sure they didn’t […]


An article in the Economist last month saw a debate emerge which is by no means new amongst anti-trafficking activists, despite the title ‘Old Profession, New Debate’. It brings you the campaign of Ye Haitan, looking to legalise prostitution in China and who has even volunteered as a prostitute for two days as a campaign […]


Lahore, Pakistan Urban households start early to prepare the evening meal  

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Libya Elections – a Blueprint for the Arab World? Read more . . .

Rohingya refugee

This week a youtube link popped up in my facebook inbox with the very commanding and affecting title of ‘They will kill us all, please help us’. This dramatic cry is the voice of the Rohingya, a Muslim people who live in the Arakan region of Burma. The Rohingya have been the subject of international […]


Amnesty International (in collaboration with Grain Media) have come up with a  powerful campaign to raise awareness for the human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Europe and its borders. People flee their country of origin for many reasons: for fear of persecution, poverty and war, for example. Asylum may be one of […]

Lahore High Court

In 2002, the US, in their annual report on trafficking in persons, took Pakistan off the watchlist as countries who were not making any effort in the fight against trafficking. The reason for this removal was because Pakistan made an action to create a piece of legislation, called the Prevention and Control against Human Trafficking […]


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